Signature scrubs & Wraps

Our signature scrubs exfoliate, hydrate and nourish the skin as well as increase circulation.  Our signature wraps are relaxing full-body treatments with therapeutic results.  Each wrap includes a complete exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cells and improve blood circulation and the absorption of active ingredients.

Elements of Purification

This scrub, wrap and massage combination is our “Detox” remedy. The espresso mud scrub with Black Silt Clay exfoliates the skin and removes impurities. Next, our detoxifying seaweed wrap promotes further cleansing, leaving you feel lighter and relaxed. To re-balance and encourage purification, lymphatic techniques are used throughout a 50-minute massage using our sweet, deep forest oil infused with Balsam Fir, Juniper and Pine. 
110 minutes

High C
This hydrating wrap begins with a full body exfoliation using a refreshing lemon sugar scrub. While wrapped in this Vitamin C lemon butter, enjoy a wild lime scalp and face massage. 
75 minutes

St Julien Firming Wrap
This slimming and toning treatment begins with a scrub to prepare the body for the most current active ingredients to increase elasticity and refine body contours. This wrap will promote optimal moisturizing and firming of the skin while helping to eliminate the appearance of cellulite in the sub-dermal layers. A face and scalp massage completes this unique experience.
75 minutes

Mountain Mojito
Fresh mint from our garden (seasonal), organic sugar and citrus are combined to create a fragrant, handmade scrub. An aromatherapy massage using your choice of lime or mint essential oils will leave your skin feeling fresh, smooth and hydrated. Afterwards enjoy a mojito or substitute was iced tea or lemonade. 
75 minutes

Boulder Re-Builder
Not only is Boulder full of athletes of all kinds, many travel here to indulge in our outdoor playground!  Arnica, long know for its therapeutic benefits, is perfect for healing tired, sore and bruised muscles.  A quick dry brushing preps the skin for the all over application of organic Arnica Alpine Oil.  Arnica Gel is then applied to targeted areas.  Wrapped in this product while received a face and scalp massage allows time for the body to relax and repair.  Finish with a 50-minute deep tissue massage, your muscles will thank you!
80 minutes

Add on a To-the-Point massage
This is the ultimate in stress reduction for the guest who is short on time. Tell us where you are experiencing stress, strain, tightness or pain and we will focus your massage on the target area.
25 minutes

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