Featured Artist

Of St Julien Hotel & Spa

Local Artwork Displayed Throughout St Julien Hotel

St Julien is proud to display artwork from local artists throughout the hotel's public spaces. The installations rotate quarterly, and all artwork is available for purchase through the artist. Interested in displaying artwork? Please contact:

Philippe Antoine

(720) 315-3482

Current Artist: Gina Klawitter

Contact Information
Phone: 720-401-1035
E-mail: Gina@GKlawitter.com
Website: Gklawitter.com


After receiving my BFA from Colorado State University, under the tutelage of internationally renowned illustrators and poster designers, Phil Risbeck and John Sorbie, I worked in the creative services industry directing and collaborating with designers, illustrators, photographers, writers and production teams. 

In 2003, I left the commercial realm to dedicate myself to creating fine art. My initial 2D and 3D mixed media portraiture led to innumerous private commissions from clients nationwide, and local charitable projects. 

Recently, my curious and inventive nature led me to conceive and formulate my figurative sculptural art form. It is my first venture into creating art for public exhibition. My emerging work is exhibited at Colorado Ballet's Armstrong Center for Dance.

Artist Statement

Seeing my life-sized, 3D figurative art in person is like standing before a live performing ballerina, or Mercury dashing through the sky. To create these unique painted sculptures, I quickly form and harden fabric over posed models; instantly remove the sturdy, lightweight structures; then paint them as if they were artists' canvases, enhancing their lifelike illusion of motion and energy. 
This St. Julien exhibit features recent works formed from posed Colorado Ballet dancers and early prototypes of my art form. I hope you are as inspired by experiencing my art, as I was making it.
(A note of interest–while some artworks look like they are made of bronze or stone, the average weight is only 10 lbs.)