Featured Artist

Of St Julien Hotel & Spa

Local Artwork Displayed Throughout St Julien Hotel

St Julien is proud to display artwork from local artists throughout the hotel's public spaces. The installations rotate quarterly, and all artwork is available for purchase through the artist. Interested in displaying artwork? Please contact:

Philippe Antoine

(720) 315-3482

Current Artist: Karen Sehn

Contact Information
Website: k2designsartwork.com
Email: kmcrawf@hotmail.com


My name is Karen Sehn and I am a self taught artist residing in Syracuse, NY. My life as an artist started about five years ago when my hobby snowballed into a second career.  My style is realistic, but I also like to use bright colors to create a feeling of energy. I like to capture the personality of the animals that I paint. Each one of them is unique whether it's a domestic pet or one that roams wild.  Most of my work has been commissioned pet portraits and other various animal pieces.

Artist Statement

This body of work is centered around and inspired by natures beauty. The "Sunset series" in this show uses all brilliant colors. The animals are painted true to their nature, but with a vibrancy to represent the colors of the setting sun.  The "Black Tie" series has an heir of sophistication with a dark background that lends the focus toward the animal itself.  The remaining pieces fall somewhere in between ranging from icy blues to true natural colors.