Featured Artist

Of St Julien Hotel & Spa

Local Artwork Displayed Throughout St Julien Hotel

St Julien is proud to display artwork from local artists throughout the hotel's public spaces.
The installations rotate quarterly, and all artwork is available for purchase through the artist. Interested in displaying artwork? Please contact:

Philippe Antoine

(720) 315-3482

Current Artist: Dee Wood 

Contact Information
E-mail: dee.wood98@yahoo.com


“Watercolors have always intrigued me because of the wide range of effects they offer.” Regarding her most recent works, Dee says, “I enjoy letting the initial application of colors suggest images, then I gently enhance them.  It’s a partnership of spontaneity and intention.”

Dee recently moved to Boulder, Colorado. “I love the natural beauty and the intensity of the colors here. I feel closer to the sky and maybe just a little closer to heaven.”