Featured Artist

Of St Julien Hotel & Spa

Local Artwork Displayed Throughout St Julien Hotel

St Julien is proud to display artwork from local artists throughout the hotel's public spaces. The installations rotate quarterly, and all artwork is available for purchase through the artist. Interested in displaying artwork? Please contact:

Philippe Antoine

(720) 315-3482

Current Artist: Rebecca Carridad

Contact Information
Phone: 518-879-8380
E-mail:  rebeccacaridad@gmail.com


Boulder based artist, Rebecca Caridad has been a visual artist for many years. Rebecca has explored several mediums within the field of creativity including, photography, calligraphy, writing, fiber art, line art, and abstract painting. The thread that she pulls through all of her work is the art of story telling, observation, and emotional investigation. 
Rebecca’s evolution into abstract painting was born from a desire to practice non-judgement. She never has a plan for a piece when she arrives at the canvas, her only goal is to accept each mark she makes for what it is. The process of letting the painting show itself as she works is what keeps her coming back for more.